Bailey Wind is an inspirational speaker, author, and 2017 student-athlete graduate of the University of Tennessee. She became a staunch advocate against drinking, texting, and impaired driving after a December 1st, 2012 personal tragedy. She has spoken at high schools, conferences, annual banquets, driver's awareness programs to students, educators, professionals, and law enforcement. Bailey emphasizes the importance of making the right choices.

Bailey is the author of "Save Me A Spot in Heaven", which is featured in high school English classes and book clubs. She has participated in numerous public service announcements, documentaries, news reports, radio segments, articles, and has crime victim panels displayed throughout schools in Upstate New York. Bailey has inspired countless youth and adults of all ages with her perseverance and dedication of using her personal tragedy to make a positive difference on our roadways.

Bailey is the recipient of the 2016 N4A's Wilma Rudolph National Student-Athlete Achievement Award and the 2016 NCAS Student-Athlete National Giant Steps Courage Award where she was honored in Dallas, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, respectively. She is also the recipient of the 2016 University of Tennessee's Student-Athlete Most Inspirational Award and the 2014 Home Run Community Heroes Award. She has earned these awards for her advocacy work and commitment to reaching as many people with her story.

Bailey has a powerful presence as a survivor of someone else's wrong choices behind the wheel and natural ability to make a long-lasting impact on her audiences. Youths easily connect and relate to Bailey as her tragedy happened when she was a 17-year-old high school senior. When she speaks you can hear a pin drop. Bailey is an inspiring survivor and uses her story in hopes of making a difference. Her motto is: You only get one life, use it to make the right choices. 

Chris Sandy is a motivational speaker, life coach, author, and mentor.  Chris does specialize in alcohol awareness.  He has traveled to over 35 different states and has spoken to over a million students, parents, educators, and military service members nationwide.

Chris is the author of the book "Enduring Regret:  Two Different Stories of Drunk Driving, Two Very Different Prisons."  He has been featured in the Double EMMY Award Winning Television Documentary "Enduring Regret:  Chris Sandy Living Life After Causing Death." Chris' story has been featured in a number of articles and is used all over the world to help people make good choices, especially youth.

Chris has won numerous awards for his efforts to save lives.  He uses his story and life journey to bring awareness to teens and young adults.  He has a unique approach to captivate his audience and is considered one of the best messengers in the country.  Chris' mission is to motivate people to accomplish goals, overcome adversity, persevere, and give a genuine reality check that people of all ages need to hear.

Bailey Wind

Chris Sandy

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